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Security Warnings






  • Before proceeding to install an actuator, verify the following:
    • - the technical features of the actuator and its own fixing accessories are suitable to the advised application, to the type, weight and dimensions of the window; in case of actuator with available fixing brackets both in plastic and aluminium, use the aluminium ones if the performances required to the actuator are close to the nominal values;
    • - window frame and accessories have to be correctly sized to stand the actuator load stress;
    • - the window has to be free from any window hinge or other obstacle to open for the whole stroke of the actuator;
    • - the electric system has to comply with current specifications;
    • - power supply has to be the one indicated by the technical features of the actuator.
  •  The declared nominal values do not consider any wind stress: it is necessary to evaluate it correctly to avoid any failure of the actuator or of the window, particularly in case of large windows.
  •  The electric actuators have to be installed on windows out of range for people only. If the windows are within reach of people, provide systems of protection against squeezing.
  •  For safety reasons always install side checks on bottom hinged windows.
  •  It is advisable to install a maintained contact push-button.
  •  In case of actuator installed on the vent, verify the electric cable not to be stressed or cut or pinched during operation.
  •  During installation or release of the actuator, be careful to avoid accidental closing of the window causing damage to people (bruisesqueezing-cut).
  •  The installation of two actuators on the same window is possible, only with an adequate control system or using a Synchro versions actuators.
  •  The installation and the actuator’s connection to electrical net has to be done from qualified people only in accordance with the directives.
  •  Installations and/ or equipments using our products must be carried out by UCS.
  •  The power control and the actuators included in this catalogue are not to be considered “machinery” pointed out in the directive 2006/42/CE and following modification. In case they are included in systems that are part of the application field of these directives, it is responsibility of the installer the fulfilment of the safety requisites.




  • The actuators are tested one by one and periodically endurance tests (10.000 cycles with maximum load) are carried out, in compliance with specifications for actuators used both for ventilation and for smoke and heat extraction.
  •  The technical data reported in this catalogue are referred to tests carried out in room temperature.
  •  The working temperature of actuators are: from - 10°C to + 60°C with maximum relative humidity 60%.
  •  Notes about actuators voltage supply:
    • 230 Vac actuators: voltage supply has to be 230 Vac ± 10% through pure sine wave;
    • 24 Vdc actuators: voltage supply has to be 24 Vdc ± 10%.
  •  In case of electric actuators connected to automatic control systems (BMS), an approval by our techical department has to be required.