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Warranty Conditions




Warranty conditions

The following warranty conditions contain the whole agreement between UCS and the buyer and substitute all the previous commitments and representation both written than verbal between the buyer and UCS. If any of the following clause results invalid or non-applicable for any reason, the remaining part of the warranty and its appliance will be not compromised. Any notification by the buyer must be sent to ULTRAFLEX CONTROL
SYSTEMS, Via XXV Aprile, 45 – 16012 Busalla (GE), ITALIA.


UCS products are guaranteed for a period of two years starting from the date of production identified by the serial number on the label. For substitution or repair of the products in warranty, the warranty period of the new or repaired product terminates on the date regarding the warranty period of the original product. Buyer/installer is no co-warrantor and is not authorized from UCS to modify or amend the present warranty terms in any way. If UCS confirms plain defects or non-compliance of goods, payment for indemnity or direct/indirect punitive damages in any amount and quality is excluded.
Cost of labor and other costs related to the removal and reinstallation of the replaced products are excluded as well as components not produced by UCS, even if guaranteed by other manufacturers. In case of defective products due to materials, engineering and manufacturing, UCS will repair or substitute (to UCS own discretion) any defective part delivered by the customer. Shipping costs for the replaced or repaired items that fall within the terms of the present warranty, are at UCS charge. If the returned item results no defective due to materials, engineering or manufacturing, UCS will not deal with the restitution. After evaluation, UCS will inform the customer in writing about the status of the product and about the repairing costs if the product is not included in the term of the present warranty.


•   Products not returned to UCS to allow direct verification of the defects and the ability to repair
•   If the products cannot be identified by means of the Serial Number;
•   If the warranty period, identified by means of the Serial Number, exceeds the terms or the present warranty.
•   Damaged products due to wrong choice, installation and use that do not comply the specifications included in the technical manual supplied with the product;
•   Damaged products due to modifications not formally approved by UCS
•   Damaged products due to usage, climate conditions, improper use and maintenance, accident, fire or other occasional damages that cannot be related to the product;
•   Electric actuators damaged or malfunctioned connected to building automation systems that have not been in advance and formally authorized, in writing, by UCS
•   Products installed in combination with inappropriate components or components not manufactured by UCS
Besides, we underline that the present warranty does not cover costs related to removal and reinstallation of the products, routine maintenance activities and the payment of damages direct or indirect of any nature and entity. The customer is responsible for the choice and appropriate use of the product required.



The Italian Civil Code shall apply and the Court of Genoa shall have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.


Descriptions and pictures in the catalogue, on the website and in all the information material are provided as a rough guide.
Any partial or total reproduction is prohibited. For further detailed information please contact our Technical Department. UCS reserves the right to modify its products at any time, without notice