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BMSline MY-VENT BMSline - Integrating window automation into Building Management Systems Electric systems


The MY-VENT system is the UCS integrated solution that allows the interaction with the other systems in the building, achieving correct natural ventilation, substantial energy saving and ensuring first class living comfort. 

MY-VENT is made by: 

- user friendly software

- simple hardware connected via WI-FI to computer, smartphones and tablets

- sensors ( internal temperature and humidity, CO2 level)

- weather station (external temperature and humidity, wind and rain)

- BMSline window actuators


By monitoring the inside and outside changing conditions, exploiting the cool air outside, MY-VENT controls the increase of temperature or CO2 level inside.

Should the weather suddenly change, with showers or gusts of wind, the windows will automatically close to protect the building and interior from damage.

In case of Emergency, any control is overridden for immediate window opening, eventually through UCS Smoke Ventilation control panels with battery back-up.


The user friendly interface allows the selection of various scenarios: from the complete automation of the functions to different level of manual control, always providing a real time feedback of the status of the widows and values from indoor sensors and weather station.

Inputs and outputs from and to other systems are managed for a complete integration in the building.



• Easy control of window automation through computer, tablet or smartphone, also away from the building 

• Continuous and complete control of the windows with real-time feedback... Not just on/off operation 

• In case of window opening, automatic switch-off or air conditioning or heating 

• Quite operation by daily scenarios, full speed in case of emergency 

• Night cooling in order to avoid or delay the air conditioning during the day 

• Micro ventilation for air recycling and humidity balancing 

• Control of sun blades actuators for the reduction of sun radiation and consequent control of lights 

• Group windows in rooms, zones and scenes 

• Full compatibility with all existing building management systems


BMSline MY-VENT Winserver - part No. 41772K

WinServer is the control unit of the BMSline MY-VENT system, designed according to installers and end-users needs. The web based (HTML5) user-interface is accessible in two different levels: 


Dedicated to installers or system integrators for: 

- configuration of the network 

(window actuators and addressable sensors, eventually in different groups/rooms/floors ) 

- creation of scenarios 

- setting of devices/features/scenarios. 

End user

For the control of the complete building, floors, rooms or single window actuators. 

Interaction in real-time with the system.


WinServer can operate as a gateway for integrating the window automation into existing Building Management Systems provided by third parts, giving the opportunity to interact with the actuators by ModbusTCP protocol. 

In case of BMS based on Lonworks, Bacnet or KNX available on request the Gateway device WinGate 

WinServer is a DIN rail mounting module (4 modules), voltage supply 230 Vac.